Group Resources

Overeaters Anonymous produce a wide range of resources for individuals and groups to use to enhance their recovery journey, including literature, tapes and fund raising resources. Overeaters Anonymous Sydney Intergroup and local groups regularly organise retreats, mini conventions and fund raising activities throughout NSW.

Are you in need of a copy of OA material – such as The Twelve Steps, The Twelve Traditions or The Twelve Concepts of OA Service. Have you ever seen the Just for Today, or I Put My Hand In Yours? You can search the OA Sydney Intergroup literature catalogue and order OA Literature Online.

At the OA Region 10 website, view the Region 10 handbook, which provides information on all aspects of Region 10.

There is a range of suggested workshop formats available for groups wishing to run workshops including the Sponsorship Workshop, Prayer and Meditation Workshop, Working the Program One Day at a Time Workshop,and the Abstinence Workshop.

At the OA World Service Office website you can subscribe to subscribe to Lifeline Magazine, view the literature catalogue, view A Step Ahead which provides World Service office news to groups and service bodies and find inspiration in the members support area.


Are you living in a remote area, away from nearby meetings? Does your lifestyle involve constant travel? Are you house bound and unable to travel to the nearest meeting?

Region 10 has resources to help loners here.

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